It's been a long time since I've been on here. Thanks to school. I just took a old laptop and brought it back to life with linux.


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Hi there, I started chatting on this site about a year ago and then I started school. That has pretty much taken up much of my time. I still mess around with Linux for fun on my free time. My main computer has Windows and Manjaro linux. I originally had plain Arch Linux but it was a pain in the ass. Manjaro is really nice for new machines and way easier to deal with the package manager. I also have this old POS laptop that someone gave me that had a blown hard drive. Intel Celeron N2840 with 4GB of ram. Pretty much garbage. I purchased a 120gb SSD for $30 Canadian. Installed MX-Linux on it and I am quite impressed. I've been using it for various complicated tasks for about 3 weeks now and it still runs smooth. If you have an old system, I highly recommend MX-Linux.


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Hey Dude, it's good to see you back :D

Totally agree with you on Manjaro and MX Linux - a couple of my faves.

Look forward to seeing you around, and Friday here in Oz, so

Enjoy your Linux and


Chris Turner

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