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Job options- I could use some feedback. I want to work in general IT work.


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Jan 18, 2023
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I was looking forward to studying computer science, but with GPT4 and other AI things coming out, I wonder if the job will even pay half of what it does now, considering how the AI can do a lot without us.
Trying to figure out what job to study for, I have run into 3 issues.

1, a lot of people online on YT and etc say collage isnt even needed anymore, I personally have friends also who have very terrible jobs working for what they got a degree for and are miserable (lol) and they cant afford the cost of living.

2, with the ever changing landscape of IT work, will what I learn be useless in 4 years or so, or at least mostly useless? (my dad took a degree when he was younger in computer programming, but now its completely useless information.)

3, housing and living costs so much nowdays, and pay hasn't gone up in the same way as costs... its depressing.

4 I wanna work in cybersecurity and or general IT work, but I dont trust our big brother, the findings of Ed have given me enough reason to question the morality of our big brother.


Well, my first thought is what would you do instead?
I would suggest working toward what you want. If it doesn't work out, you're no worse off than you were before.

Secondly, I don't believe ai will replace technically minded people. AI has come a long way, but it's still error prone, can't act on its own, doesn't understand nuance, and can't answer something it hasn't seen before. The only reason programs like ChatGPT seems to know so much is that people have already asked the same questions in fora (thanks, @MikeWalsh !) like this one. You could make the same argument for not getting into IT 10 years ago..."everything I'd online, do we really need IT people?" Well, the answer is yes.
If where were you are at right now I work focus on learning how program Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, there will be plenty of jobs for the years in this field since it the AI technology revolution has just only started.
I've been in IT for a little over 40 years, 29 of those at my current job. During that time there were stints of being a machinist at the same time. Never a dull... There's always something to learn in anything you do!...

Big brother hasn't had morality, let alone a compass since the '50s. Their cybersecurity is more a cover for spying on the masses. If you do get into cybersecurity, you'll be doing what BB does, Hopefully, you'll just be doing it with morality. 8^)
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