Just a query regarding PDF veiwers


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What is a good alternative to Document viewer?
The reason I ask is that when it renders a page and you try and copy a line or two it highlights about half a dozen words then highlights other text then more of what you want to copy. And when you do paste into Libre Writer it is all over the place and you have to work out the correct sequence of words and punctuation marks.
The PDF reader that I have been using is Sumatra PDF which when you highlight the text you want it does so and when you paste it is all correct word wise but a few extra spaces that don't exist between words and punctuation marks. But Sumatra is a Vindows only program.
I would like something that is similar to the way Sumatra highlights text for copying.


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i just copied a line from a pdf using X PDF reader ; i highlighted line then went to edit on menu it allowed me to click copy.

open a terminal & type:


//see if a gui comes up on your system


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But I can do that on the morrow.


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MX-19 installs PDF Arranger and FBReader and qpdfview all of these work well for what I do.


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This is what I was referring to