Kali 2.0 - Will it release with option SystemD



Does anyone know if Kali 2.0 will release with a systemd ISO version?

I know Debian will allow you to switch to systemd, but I'm not interested making that change to a Kali install especially with some of their proprietary software packages. I would like to run it again if it came with systemd.

I don't think the Kali devs are planning on a SystemD release. There has been no word as far as I can see. It should be pretty simple to switch though if you follow the Debian instructions.
I agree I don't think it would be hard to swap in systemd but I don't know what the impact would be on their apps or if anything was code specific to init. If they developed their applications and utilized systemd I think they would have a better product. This could be a good tool for me to use at work I'g feel better about it if it was running systemd simply because I'm use to it.
I'll try to contact them to learn more detail.

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