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Kali-Linux “Wash -i wlan0”error


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[X] PCAP: interface isn't up
Your wlan0 interface isn't up. You need to bring it up first, which means it must be properly configured.
Since every single distro mess with the network configuration in its own way I can't tell you more unless you give us more information on your system.

Random wild guess, might not work depending on your distro :
# ifup wlan0


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Kali Linux is based on Debian Testing. The wireless interface might not be even called wlan0...


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The wireless interface might not be even called wlan0...
Yes, it is, or else the OP would not have got as far with the BSSID line and dashes.

Better is

#ifup -a
for all the interfaces marked auto, as defined in /etc/network/interfaces

BTW if the OP does not have his permissions/login userids configured correctly, he will need to use

sudo wash -i wlan0
... despite appearing as Root at the prompt, but I think for getting the response he has had, he may be OK with that?

That just about taps me out on Kali




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FYI interface naming is handled by udev.
I don't know if any solid standard defines an unified way of naming devices.

There is an article on freedesktop.org about it but since the domain name has been hijacked I can't put a link here XD

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