Kali linux Dual booting problem with grub


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Mar 10, 2023
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Why I can't install GRUB. When installing KaliLinux (GNU GRUB v 2.06-4) as dual boot on a DELL 17, 7000 series laptop with UEFI bios after installing about 60% of GRUB, the process stops and I have to switch off the computer . There is no error information.

I have tried many times and when the grub installation process stopped, I even waited more than 6 hours but it didn't help. Installation is done with usb flash + wifi. UEFI is configured according to the guidelines. I have one disk with separate partitions for windows and for linux. There have been attempts to split partitions manually and automatically, always the same problem with GRUB installation. Installation of KaliLinux on laptop when I have only one OS is not problem, it works perfectly.
Attached is a printout of the latest logs. The program seems to have stopped.


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Welcome to the forums, with what other OS are you trying to duel-boot ?
Your machine was originally built for Windows, if you haven't already, then you need to disable windows quick-start [fast-boot] in the bios

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