Kali linux software center: unable to download updates


Hey Nik
They call that "Pilot in Command" in flying terms.
That's a pretty powerful position to be in!
OG, the highest command position I've had was 50 feet when working on a bell tower. I am replying from my Ubuntu Beav/Win 7 dual boot. My interest in a triple boot was to avoid burning bridges by removing the Beaver until sure Mint would pass the test. I fear at the same time triple booting and later removing Beaver would add unwelcome complexity.

Can my current Bionic Beaver installation be copied entire to an image file which could be restored later if desired? I've created and restored Win 7 image file in the past.

Also, seeing many posts on printers not working correctly; mine's not working at all on Linux. It won't print from Document Viewer or LibreOffice Writer, yet prints from Win 7 on my dual boot. Might this have the same cause as printers outputing diminutive fonts?

Running apt-cache policy hplip (I have HPDeskjet 1512), Iget this line; Installed 3.17.10 repack0-5.
I saw this in a previous post.

Am I safe to assume this bug if it is, will be eventually be corrected via normal update process? I had turned off automatic updates due to freezing my system when I was using it. It was turned on when the printer failed.

Hope this isn't too much info at once.

kali lags in my mac when run along with mac os......
Hi Kate,
I'm a new member too. My Ubuntu 18.04 is dual booted with Win 7 on an old Acer laptop with Intel Pentium P6100 processor, 4 GB DDR3 Memory and 500 GB HDD. Off and on Ubuntu slows and even freezes. I suspected there were updates downloading so I turned them off but the problem persisted. When I turned them on a couple weeks later, my printer no longer worked. I deleted some apps I never used and it was better. Also followed some cleanup procedures I was given on this forum. I have 100 or more GB free space on each of my hard drive partitions. You might try some cleaning or maintenance steps. Search the forum for a number of helpful recent posts.
Good luck and have fun with it.

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