KDE Fedora opensuse local network ssh (fish) no longer reachable, but ssh line command okok


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local network ssh (fish) no longer reachable, but ssh ok

Hello !

KDE user with fedora 32-34 and opensuze leap 15.2 or 15.3

i encounter a specific dolphin problem of local network machines (ssh) fish folders access
After good using, dolphin no longer reach folders of ssh local network machines,
but ssh line command ok [email protected] is reachable.

I urgently need to access local network machines, and obliged to reinstall os with /home preserved : sometimes this solution does not work
Same problem with fedora or opensuze leap KDE 20.04.2

i precise that when i launch dolphin by root, i have access to local network machines (ssh) fish folders., but this solution is not good ...

Thanks !
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