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Keyboard not working Asus Vivobook S5402ZA


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Sep 16, 2022
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I bought a new Asus Vivobook OLED S5402ZA and the keyboard does not work on any Linux distro (tried 10+). The keyboard works in Bios and some function keys work in the distro's.

I have tried many things as advised in various platforms:
  • Added boot options (i8042 reset etc)
  • Fastboot + Secure boot disabled
  • Enable/Disable intel vbtn
  • Tried vanilla mainline kernel (5.19/6RC5)
No luck so far, the keyboard is not recognized at all. If you guys have any suggestions left, I would really appreciate it. I have seen these types of posts for many new Asus Vivobooks/Zenbooks, so the problem may be larger and related to the whole 2022 series.

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