Knoppix 7.6 released

I was an early adopter of Knoppix and created several remasters for custom applications. It started out tiny and grew to fill a DVD...

I don't use it as much any more since I latched onto Puppy Linux for self booting devices and system repairs.

The last version I used was 7.1 or so. Now that you mentioned it, I'll go check out how Klaus is doing...

Klaus is on v8.2 nowadays, I think (this Thread of Stan's @atanere 's over 3 years old).

I have the .iso but have not tried it yet, it is a hefty 4.7 GB


Knoppix has always been one of my favorite live DVD's. It is totally loaded with software in its 4.1 GB ISO, including many games, WINE, KeePassX, education, CAD, and much more. The default desktop is LXDE, but GNOME and KDE are also available. Check it out!


Knoppix has always been one of my favorites also. It was one of my first forays into the realm of Linux. Used it to repair and old Windows 2000 machine which was having boot issues. Loved it ever since :)

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