KrebsOnSecurity Threatened with Defamation Lawsuit Over Fake Radaris CEO


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Apr 30, 2017
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The comments amuse me.

Truth is the greatest defense against a defamation lawsuit.
Quite a few years ago when working as a professional in a non-IT area, I had an interaction with Radaris which was quite unpleasant at the time.

For professional reasons, I had a profile on LinkedIn which was a common medium used in my profession to connect with other professionals. Whilst entering my name in a browser at the time, the links were to a number of appropriate sites, but for one, which was the Radaris site. Checking it out, it was clear they had copied my LinkedIn profile, verbatim, and simply put it into their database for anyone to find.

Perhaps naive at the time, I wrote to Radaris and told them that I wanted them to remove my profile from their site, that I had not approved their use of it, that they had stolen the profile, and that I regarded their behaviour as criminal. At the time, I didn't wish to be associated with a site unconnected with my professional interests.

After notifying Radaris, I checked their website regularly to see whether they had removed the profile. In the interim, I took down my LinkedIn profile because it became less useful for me. It took 6 months, but eventually Radaris removed the profile. I can't say if they removed it because of my request, or because it disappeared from LinkedIn, who also took many months to act on my request for a complete removal of my profile and account.

The lesson, well known to others at the time, was: once anything is put online, control is lost. I've looked for that old profile in recent years, but not found it, so years ago when this whole episode played out, someone seems to have actually acted in accordance with my wishes ... but there's no certainty of course.

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