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Hey everyone,
I have not been a member of this forum for very long so I do not know for sure if I am posting this in the correct section, or if a similar idea has been or should be proposed. Anyway here is what I thought of:

So recently I was sitting around considering random things like I normally do during my free time, and I had an idea. I've always had an interest in computer technology, and entrepreneurship. Because of this I've been wanting to design a laptop for a while. I know that there is no way to out-compete the big laptop companies in any way at what they have been doing, but I know a lot of people who really enjoy customizing and modifying their laptops, but that is a made significantly more difficult by the design.

Essentially what I want to do is create a laptop system that is completely modular so that any of the internal or external components(outer shell, processor, hard drive, trackpad, screen, anything else you could possibly want to change) can be easily taken apart and swapped out. I also think that it needs to be aesthetically elegant and simple once fully assembled.

The reason that I want to post on this forum, is that I am not capable of this myself. I have built and repaired a couple desktop pcs, and I have a basic understanding of how computers work, but I have no advanced expertise or resources necessary to manufacture anything.

I think that it could be very worthwile to embark on this project, and what I am hoping to find is a few people who like me are not interested in it for financial goals, but for the interest of trying to design something that may or may not be possible given limited resources.
I havent done a great job of explaining it, but if anyone has any interest, or at least feedback be it positive or negative, please reply and let me know.

Designing a Laptop case would be a great project, But it'd take a lot of hard work, caution and experience from my point of view. There's a lot of smaller components in there when compared to that of a regular Desktop PC.

If you're more into the designing of the Laptop's Case, i'm sure there's a lot of tutorials online, cause i could easily find one to paint my mobile tablets case. I'm sure that you could do this with your limited resources, you'll probably need a couple of few equipment's, tutorials and you'd be good to go
Do you mean you're thinking of buying custom parts from a local manufacturer? You said they could be "swapped out", so I'm guessing you're going to have many compatibility issues along the way (processors might not fit with some other things). Since you're educated in repairing PCs, you should be fine with designing a laptop. You're really going to have to endeavor, since it doesn't take one snap of a finger. You're right, the laptop designing business is very tough. Have you built a prototype yet? I would recommend planning for the internal module first and then doing the external at a later time. My feedback about this is positive, but I wish you good luck! Remember, it's very dangerous to design a PC. You must know where all the parts are, and I would recommend you to put a shock resistant rubber pad on the bottom of the HD.

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