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Jan 22, 2019
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Hi everyone! I want to buy a laptop that runs smoothly kali linux, but be also performing. Initially, I wanted to buy an Asus ROG GL703GE, but I saw on the internet that some people have problems with similar models. Please, can you help me with some suggestions?

That is a hard order to fill. There aren't a lot of posters on here that use Kali (yet). Welcome to XTrace! Usually when a particular OEM laptop has an issue running any Linux it's driver related. I run Linux Mint Cinnamon on three different laptops, although my oldest daughter stole one of them. They are, in order of age, an Asus W90, a Dell 15in. i5, and an i7 Gigabyte laptop. All three ran mint flawlessly.

I think if you stick with those three brands you will have few, if any issues. Also avoid the newest and latest cutting edge machine of any brand, laptop or desktop. That is where you usually run into driver issues. Linux tends to takes a bit longer to get drivers developed for the newest equipment. One thing about Kali, it is very difficult to setup and use, and is not recommended for inexperienced Linux users.

Good luck!

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