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Hi Everyone,

This my first post and im happy to join all you. I have always been interested in learning Linux because (me being computer tech) i understand how much power and authority that Linux has to offer. My biggest hurdle at this point is balancing Microsoft while learning Linux. I was wondering if anyone that has had the same experience has a stradegy or plan that helped them balance the two out.



Either have 2 separate computers/laptops, or just dual boot (install windows, THEN linux)... I have had, at times, something like 4-5 operating systems one one PC at one time,
---linux from scratch

but for learning, probably best to have just windows and your learning linux (ubuntu is good, debian is also good (better security, but not as user friendly).
Haven't used the RedHat rpm based linux's for about 10 years now, so cannot comment on their usability.
Just dive in, but is easiest to have windows on one computer and linux on a separate computer.
If you f*ck something up, just wipe and install.


Hey dadizzle,

I recommend you to use the Ubuntu 12.10 for as a newbie....
and for the balance point of view do these things..

1)Back up your data to the External HDD..
2)Dual boot your system with windows and Linux...
3) BUt if you want to learn thoroughly then don't use Dual boot just install linux...(if you dont need/want the windows then and only then)
4)As a newbie just go through one distro only...
5)use this books....
a.LINUX-FUN by paul cobbaut
b.LINUX-ADM by paul cobbaut
c.LINUX-SERV by paul cobbaut...
Serially I prefer..
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