Lightweight Distro with Point of Sale System compatibility


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Hi, I began with GNU/Linux almost a year ago, basically it changed my perspective about computing world and all the possibilities at hand, due to this I'm compromised in promoting the use of Linux, Ive tried to learn as much as possible in a such a short period of time but I know I still have a long way to go.

Basically my question is if you guys know about some lightweight Distro(s) with compatibility with some Point of Sale program, its for a small business and it would be for you know, getting a program to have the stock control, connecting a laser bar scanner,a printer, getting the payment control and all those basic staff.

Thank you very much

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10 Open Source Point of Sale Systems for Linux


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Probably not exactly what you asked for but found this while googling about it
Linux Prolin OS POS Terminal All in One Touch Cashier System Machine with Wi-Fi

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