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May 8, 2021
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I've read in a lot of places that there hasn't been much success running Linux on an Android phone. But this is something I would very much like to do so I can limit another Giant from my life and protect my privacy.

Yesterday I came across a recent project called Lindroid, Linux for phones. And then I found this article on It's Foss.

This Project Lets You Run Linux as an App on Android

Has anyone tried this or heard of it? I have a couple of old phones I'm willing to brick if it doesn't work.

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Amazingly there are seven different Linux phone OSes you can install on your mobile phone:

  • Ubuntu Touch
  • postmarketOS
  • Sailfish OS
  • Mobian
  • Manjaro ARM
  • Arch Linux ARM
  • openSUSE
NOTE not all android devices are suitable for Linuxation
If it's about privacy and removing google, you might want to look into custom android ROMs like paranoid android. I don't know much about it, but I am assuming based on the name that they aren't just big Radiohead fans. :D

I ran LineageOS without GApps but I ran into the issue that certain apps wouldn't probably work with the alternative framework it uses instead of the Google framework. Two examples of apps that didn't work probably without LineageOS without GApps are the app for my gym to scan a QR code to check into my gym and the Uber app with location services. Now I just run stock Android so I don't have to deal with apps that don't work properly without Google.
I was going to link LineageOS but it seems to be not that secure or private. I suppose if you use a Linux distro on the phone you'll be even more restricted in terms of apps that you can use. I'd imagine it'd work better as a music player or something, once you want to use Whatsapp you are maybe going to face issues. Certainly no bank account notifications or stuff like that.

I suppose maybe if you are focused on privacy you have no sim card or bank account anyway.
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If you'd like to run Android Linux on your Android phone you could try Termux. In order to run Termux you must have Android 7.x or later. You will need to get Termux from F-Droid, another app store. Go to and download the apk file. Install it on your phone. It's a nice place. Then update the app after installing it. Then search for Termux. You'll also want to install Termux:API and perhaps Termux Widget and even Termux Styling. Run Termux and run the commands apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and termux-setup-storage. Then use pkg install termux-api git linux-man-pages make man nano python vim zip. Make sure to give Termux whatever permissions it seeks. You will have read/write access to internal storage and read-only access to your removable MicroSD card, and read/write access to some space there. You will also need a suitable keyboard app. Search for and install the Hacker Keyboard. This is available in both the Play Store and F-Droid. Use the full five row keyboard. They keys will be really small on a phone, but you will need certain keys, like Escape, Control, and Alt. Do not install anything in Termux as root. Termux also supports nmap, although you will need certain permissions if you want to use anything other than the Connect() scan -sT.


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