Linus Torvalds was approached by NSA for backdoor in Linux - Nils Torvalds (father of Linus)

Jay Blair

Apr 27, 2019
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Back doors and keeping users in the dark as to the original comparison of the internet to taking all the doors and windows off your house which is still applicable nearly 40 years later is a major factor in my interest now in Linux over Microsoft.

While all operating systems have vulnerabilities and users still "take all the doors and windows out of their house" with an o/S on their PC or device, in my perspective , MS simply wants to sell users a "MS dorm room" and make them agree to a privacy agreement that gives MS total control while at the same time treating the consumer as a mushroom by keeping the user in the dark and feeding them BS by saying they are doing security updates to fix bugs and then technical accounts of it often disappears from the info database.

With that closed system they have , users have no way to know if a MS bug is a code bug or vender or black hatter back door.

Open source as Linux in my opinion, while also like having no doors or locked and curtain drawn windows in your house, being open sourced with a large community, is more like having "internet houses with doors and windows with weak locks and a community of white hatters of various levels of code expertise working together to watch the community for black hat types.

With MS, users never get straight answers of how long vulnerabilities from bugs or back doors were active and with Win10 MS basically has said to users buy it, we own everything you do. play with what we give you and don't question what we do.

Linux on the other hand, is custom platforms based around the common kernel and if a distribution has a bug or gets hacked, it seems to get spotted by the community watch quicker than MS.

I was impressed when a Linux O/S site was hacked like on Monday , shut down within hours by the publisher and corrected by the publisher and white hat community in less than a week and up with new security checksums verified from multiple reputable gurus.

No O/S is perfect but at least with open source things are in the open and the white hat community while using the O/S for their needs and goals aren't just trying to sell a closed O/S.

To me closed source vendors have the black hat potential of thieving hackers and many government systems trust Linux with security layers more than closed source vended operating systems.

And those are the reasons why I am learning Linux as I learned what I needed to learn about UNIX in the last millennia.


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Jun 1, 2019
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One of my friends asked me why I switched to Linux. My response to that question is I was tired of not owning my computer.
Roger that:-
I was tired of all the viruses and having to pay for software.


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Sep 9, 2019
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My response to that question is I was tired of not owning my computer.
That seems a common response from those that have switched to Linux.
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