LINUX alternative to LOOPBACK software, designed for MAC


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I have a Lenovo G580 with Linux Mint LMDE4 Debbie.
I am looking for a software under LINUX (or a hardware solution) which would do what the LOOPBACK software designed for MAC does
namely, to allow the ZOOM software (videoconferencing) to share the sound of the computer with the other participants, by mixing in a single signal
1. the music of SPOTIFY
2. my voice picked up by a usb microphone
With the closure of the sports halls, our dance school is adrift and we are trying to put together a working solution to give our lessons online.
After several tests of audio setup (in particular a mixer mixing the signal of a headset and that of Spotify to the computer, disastrous ...)
the following video gives an elegant solution with the software in question (LOOPBACK, on MAC)
'How to zoom with music and microphone for dance class #zoom #music #microphone'
If someone can refer me to a LINUX (or hardware) solution?
Many thanks :)
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