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Linux Audio Interface Project


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Sep 14, 2022
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Hello everybody.

As getting a full working audio interface for Linux is a hard job I'm

interested to see or participate in creating a multichannel (at least 6, but preferable just adaptable) audiointerface

in a DIY project.

Might be it can be composed out of already existing boards or a

design from start.

I'm a sound technician amature intersested in addaptable and free

audiosotware and hardware.

Please let me know what you know or where I can participate.



I would recommend a distro that uses pipewire audio libraries.

I like audacity.
Hello dos2unix

I'm interested in the hardware.
Software is abundant and probably very good.
Hardware is hard to find and if so incredible expensive.
I'd like to help, but I'm really not a hardware guy. I tend to use MOTU audio interfaces because they 'just work' with Linux. I've tried other brands and they've all worked as interfaces, but MOTU seems to be smoother and has less lag.