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linux bt 3.2.6 d´ont recognize geforce 7000m / nforce 600m



Hello,my machine is packard bell amd64, 3gb ram, 250gb hdd and windows vista. i am working on baktrack 5 r2, os : linux 3.2.6 xorg server 2: 1.7.6-2ubuntu7.11. And i have this issue i can´t install geforce 7000m / nforce 600m driver, i try and try diferents drives but the result is all ways the same backtrack (os linux bt 3,2,6) can´t start the startx because they don´t found drivers.So i thing what going wrong and at the cmd prompt try the "lspci" comd,and it his what hapen the operating system don´t recognize the gpu.
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on the firts picture on widows is (my) gpu working fine, on the secund photo is under linux, they only recognize that vga compatible. until i can´t find the way to the operating system recognize the gpu im done , help me please.
and by the way congratulations for your being i am already thanks for your know how!


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eu ja agradeci mas pero que non hay manera deste reply aparecer meu problema es que o linux non reconhece a placa grafica!

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