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Jun 14, 2022
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Hello everyone can you know what im working on im working on AMME or advanced mobile medical equipment that is going to develop a cell phone that sees inside your cells in real-time though so will you guys help me out by teaching me to do linux so i can write the source code so I can save lives the cell phone has to use linux not iphones or android so how about it linux commnunity if my idea comes to fruition you can have dieseases and sickness cut by half more details when you reply and don't rip my idea off i have proof and digital evidence in my favor in a court of law but we need this tool out and manufactured in public though. so don't waste your time at home and start teaching me programing on a linux os please need videos up and running im using TRISQUELL OS FREEDOM SOFTWARE SO i hope you guys help me out immediately though.

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