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Feb 13, 2019
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a lubuntu flavour for my very tiny pc. Current specs are.

American Megatrend pc. It's running a vortex A9130 processor at 933MHz. The ram is 992 mb 366MHz. Main Storage is Kingston 32Gig MicroSD

Any idea what I should try? The latest version is not compatible with the cpu.

I think you are going to have a problem finding ANY current distro that you can use.
It's not the question of running a current os. That is too easy. Just run core OS it works on most anything. And it's current.

What I really want to know is what is the latest version of lubuntu that I can run.

I think the real question is when did lubuntu stop support on this kind of device? That should give the correct answer.
I have to love linux and everything about it.
It is most fun an interesting running into problems and then trying to solve it with an entire community backing you up.

Small update.

The system above is able to run ubuntu 10.04 released in April 2010.

Now the following steps will be to compare the difference in support on ubuntu vs lubuntu.

Asking something along the lines of how l9ng after ubuntu stops support does lubuntu keep supporting?

I'll keep you guys updated
Yes It would seem That The last Lubuntu distro to support this computer is infact 10.04 according to wikpedia.
and so our our quest ends. Lets do this again sometime. And thanks for all the support.
If you have installed Ubuntu 10.04 you could probably change it into Lubuntu. It is only a matter of different Desktops.

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