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Feb 13, 2024
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My critique in docks that I know of so far. Cairo is an old, but advanced dock that works on any desktop environment or window manager. But it does not support Wayland or display scaling over 100%. Dash to Dock is a dock exclusive to the GNOME shell, but requires extensions to make it work. Latte was an advanced dock for KDE Plasma, but the project was discontinued. Crystal Dock is another dock for KDE, but lacks some features and does not support Wayland. And as for Plank, here are my findings:

GNOME: OK (no support for Wayland and not needed due to Dash to Dock)
MATE: Excellent
KDE Plasma: Good (no support for Wayland or Qt theme integration)
XFCE: Excellent
Cinnamon: OK (causes high CPU usage when starting a new desktop session)
Budgie: Excellent
LXDE: Excellent
LXQt: Good (no support for Qt theme integration)
Pantheon: Excellent (Pantheon Dock is a fork of Plank)
Deepin: Good (no support for Qt theme integration)

Any other recommendations for currently maintained docks to try out?

I'm not completely joking - I actually do think that tiling window managers are MUCH better.
Only if you do a lot of multi-tasking. I only use tiling at work so I use tiling at work because of that, at home I don't do much multi-tasking so I find tiling overkill for my home workflow, but I do think that's going to be different for everyone since not everyone does the same type of tasks their computer.
I think its just a time saving thing. Why waste 2 seconds to switch windows with the mouse? When using Linux, one should (read: can) thrive to do everything with the keyboard because it just is more efficient.
That being said, especially for newcomers, tiling window managers have "a bit" of a learning curve.

I think if it weren't for i3wm I'd use gnome-shell, from what I remember it can do many things with keyboard shortcuts as well.
I think its just a time saving thing. Why waste 2 seconds to switch windows with the mouse?
Like I said it's personal as to whether you do a lot of multi-tasking or not. I don't care about time saving with single tasks at home, at work I care about being more efficient when multi-tasking.

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