Linux for New HP Stream


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Hello, I just wanted to stated everyone that I bought myself a HP Stream 14 and the way I installed Linux Mint (version 17.2 64-bit with Cinnamon desktop) was:

Using gparted, format a USB drive and mark boot as flag
Simply extract the Linux Mint ISO to the USB (no burning or anything further)
Boot the system from the USB drive (through BIOS)

And there you go! Once it's installed just go to Settings and under hardware something (sorry but I installed it in Spanish so don't exactly know the English name for it) select the private drivers for both Wlan and Video (this one with the updated version)

Just that, now it's been working fluently for the last 3-4 weeks. The only thing I couldn't figure out is how to make the trackpad work as it should instead of a 'simple' mouse. But it's far from being crucial.

Linux Mint & Stream 14 work great together, boots in ~15 secs and you have a nice efficient and light laptop with linux.

Thanks to Henry Diaz whose post above made me decide to finally buy this great laptop!!
Thanks for your help - worked great for me.
I used Rufus to create a bootable USBKey with with Mint 19.3 iso image.


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Windows 10 came with my wife's hp stream laptop basically they are value for money.i had previously thought of getting that model myself. Here's the problem - windows 10 needs all of that circa 30gig to work .there is no room for anything else.there is a slightly bigger hp stream hd model ,with at least another extra 20 gig.that made all the has an SD slot so I have an extra 14 gig .I took windows off and put slackware on .there's plenty of room for additional software installs.go for that model


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hp stream laptop basically they are value for money

1) On my eldest daughter's Stream the wire which serves the power plug burnt out and I had to replace it.

2) I have tried to reset. It reports not enough space for Windows 10. I have removed every personal file but it still does not have enough space. Next Windows 10 programs. Still no luck.

Linux here we come.
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