Linux LVM reduction and expansion

Mushfig Mustafazade

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Jun 3, 2023
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One Logical Volume is created named as myvol under vo volume group and is mounted. The Initial Size of that Logical Volume is 400MB. Make successfully that the size of Logical Volume 200MB without losing any data. The size of logical volume 200MB to 210MB will be acceptable.

According to the question, which of the answers are the correct numbers and what is the difference between them. The file system used is ext4 or ext3,ext2.
  • lvreduce -L 200M -r /dev/vg/myvol
  • lvresize -L 200M -r /dev/vg/myvol

Have you tried asking your teacher or other classmates?

Also, have you checked the man pages for the two? Even without knowing much, the man pages may just have the information to eliminate one of those two options.

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