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with new update, there are some problem! VLC everyday working, now start ONETIME, after stop. VideoDownloader also don't work.....
Before last update, was all OK. By the way, i go on like this trick: for VLC on the fist start, i don't close the windows and the next video,
i fix and tray in the VLC;Work. For VideoDownloader, i copy the URL video, Open CLI (Command) and type "youtube-dl URL"; work...
I have many laptop with Windows7 and Linux mint 20 (64b) and there this problem, other laptop 32b linux mint 19.3 it's all OK...
ther is a solution for come-back?


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Is VLC the only package not working properly?

If that is so, go to Terminal and type in and enter the following commands in order - you will need your password on the first command.

sudo apt-get purge vlc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install vlc
Then reboot the computer and see if VLC works OK.

If so, set up Timeshift and take a screenshot.

Chris Turner


VideoDownloader has nothing to do with Mint, you can try this...

When a new version of Mint comes out ie Mint 20, not everything works and is usually fixed in 20.1. The same thing happened when Mint 19 came out. :)

On my main SSD I have Mint Cinnamon 19.1 which is supported till 2023 and everything works fine, so there's no need to move to Mint 20. I also have Cinnamon 19.3 on another HDD and again everything works.

On a spare SSD I have Mint Cinnamon 20 installed for testing, some software wont work and the colours don't look good either but VLC works for me.

If I were you I'd stay with 19.3 and wait till Mint 20.1 comes out and install it on a spare Drive, don't upgrade because you can't go back if problems occur. A good idea is to create an Image of your 19.3 SSD or HDD to be on the safe side, hope this helps.

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