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Mar 28, 2023
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Linux Mint 22 will be released soon: what improvements or changes would you want compared to previous versions of Linux Mint ?

Linux Mint 21.3, from my perspective, is a rock solid distro. It is difficult to improve on perfection, but I am sure Clem will find a way.
There have been a few dramas with Hypnotix and also with the mirror system which delivers updates etc.....they are both under the microscope right now.

Fastly have been retained to run a lengthy test. This will establish if indeed using fastly's network is capable of providing a rock solid system to distribute updates etc etc worldwide.
For those interested, the ongoing results from users worldwide who are providing feedback on their experiences with fastly are provided here. The testing phase still has some time to run.

Hypnotix, is a system whereby TV can be watched all over the world. Personally I think it is a distraction, but others see it as worthwhile. It has screw all to do with Linux. There are an uncountable number of factors that can affect its ability to play nice.
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Pjotr, the author of both those articles, is also the author of :

.....and various other similar help sites
Yep Pjotr knows Linux I used his tweaks and followed his advice from the git-go of my Linux days and never had a problem.

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