Linux not installing apps/ windows 7 black screen after wubi install



I just freshly installed Linux mint 13, and Im having trouble installing pretty much anything, such as teamviewer, wine, and skype. none of them install in the software manager. I click install, enter the password, and the install button disappears, and it says not installed on the left.
I changed to gnome classic, an I see that google chrome is still pinned at the bottom the way I had it in cinnamon. But I can't launch google chrome. I tried software manager in gnome an the same thing happens, so I went back to Cinnamon, an I can't use chrome there either now.

I've installed Linux Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon 64 bit on my 1 TB hard drive, Linux uses 60 GB of it. Currently I can't load windows 7, I get a black screen with my cursor, can't open task manager either. This happened ever since I used the Wubi installer, and restarted my computer. I can only use safe mode on Windows 7 now.

I can't seem to find what's causing those errors on Linux Mint, and why I get a black screen on Windows 7 after Wubi install. I uninstalled Wubi from safe mode. I've heard that the blackscreen is a graphics card issue. I use an ATI card

My Pc specs:
http (space) ://prntscr. (space) com/f52bm

Any help for this big problem is greatly appreciated
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