Linux on MacBook Pro 2019

@berrfred The idea behind installing linux as third OS war, to learn it. So I was hoping for an all-in-one solution which I just have to install, so that I can try it out and can just reinstall it if I messed it up, without having to install drivers etc. manually. But I'll try it that way with Fedora 32. I guess that's the best way to get used to Linux. Thank you!

Edit: @berrfred I just booted it and trackpad, keyboard worked out of the box. As soon as I've got some time left, I'll try to fix the rest with the installation guide on Github. I'll give you an update, if it works.

@carlarogers Yes sure, I have considered that. But 1. I prefer using an OS natively, with our any VM and 2. I tried VirtualBox and another VM (I don't know anymore which one) and it was just lagging as hell. I don't know why, I tried several distributions but same Problem with all of them.
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Hmmm...thinking now if I want to give Manjaro a go on a late 2016 MacBook Pro
i just booted up manjaro-xfce-20.1.1-201001-linux58.iso using ventoy works a treat live; not on a mac book though . But you can put a few candidates on stick and just boot each one

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