Linux touchscreen (raspbian)


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Hi all,

I am not super wiz in linux - but I am not complete ignorant too...

Recently I have built 32 inch touchscreen dashboard based on raspi 4 running raspbian (still linux right :) ).

I have solved many quirks in it, but
there is couple of problems to iron out.

One of it is: (here comes the story ;) )
When the time comes - Screen goes to sleep (no signal -> shutdown - I am fine with that for now)
Touchscreen still operates for obvious reasons.
When I touch it to wake the system up - It wakes up fine but
it generates a click event that can interact with stuff (for example: click like button when screen is still waking up and you do not see the content yet)

Where to start with it? Any suggestions?

Where in the system to connect for callback that will intercept click event (intercept screen saver events, click events)

Best regards
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