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your image at top state abort due to previous error but we can see listing of previous error. I did note one thing 32.32704108

"critical temperature reached" how has pc been running previously ?

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The bios or UEFI in use by your laptop looks for certain “identifiers” in how to handle your hardware based on the Operating System (OS) it was designed to operate. It does this through acpi “calls” from the operating system to the bios. When you see problems like yours ACPI ERROR, that means the bios does not understand the calls being sent to it by the OS. Since acpi used by both Windows and Linux follow the UEFI specifications, they both use the same OSI strings to identify what OS is used. Unlike the Windows kernel, the Linux kernel can determine what “power calls” are sent to the bios by the use of these OSI Strings in the acpi kernel parameter. By adding these parameters, you can basically tell Linux to “mimic” the acpi calls sent by another OS.
To have Linux mimic your version of Windows that was originally installed, you need to add the following kernel parameter, acpi_osi='OSI String'
if it was Windows 7 then - acpi_osi='Windows 2009'
if it was Windows 10 ver. 1709 then – acpi_osi='Windows 2017'

you can go here to get how to do it

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