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Jun 5, 2023
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Hello. I am very new to linux. i want to install Synposys software in currently using redhat linux 8.0. But this version is not supported and i need to upgrade to linux 8.6. Can someone help me about the process to upgrade?

Thanks in advance.

Do you know the process to backup and restore your Synposys system? Are you sure it will work if something goes wrong with the upgrade? I would start with that.

I know nothing about your Synposys system, but I looked up the company on the internet. They make software tools for IC manufacturers. The nature of your original question leads me to mention that I hope you are maintaining your systems with security updates. You do not want the an attacker to steal your company's intellectual property, install ransomware, or hack and damage your systems. Just sayin'
Hello @srikanth18,
Welcome to the forum. As already mentioned you should find a way to backup your important files and programs first before you do an upgrade. Redhat 8.7 is now available and you may want to upgrade to that version.
this page can guide you through the upgrade process.