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Feb 13, 2020
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Sup, new here.

Little about me, webdesigner, internet marketer. Always wanted to play around with linux, particular (ethical) hacking but never got to it. Now I'm in my 40's and starting to feel like im getting too old to start but F it. :)

But yeah, starting with the basics, starting with basic linux and basic python.

Not going to use my main computer as I do a lot of other things on it but my uncle gave me an intel nuc once that was collecting dust. Gonna drop Kali on it and see how it goes. Unfortunately already expering troubles with it, it has Zorin on it, I had a kodachi USB lying around and even though it boots on my laptop, on this nuc it will not boot kodachi, it always drops me to a screen where it promps initramfs.

Anyway, eager too learn so probably be here often from now.

Hi there i thnk you should check out my linux learning resources thread, its packed with loadsa links, videos and tutorials on commandline and networking.

Are you using a vurtual machine for kali? i would suggest using one like virtual box if your not already. Kali is not really designed for beginners or for daily use as a normal daily operating system its for experienced and advanced pent-testers , you may have trouble with it- but dont let that stop you on your path to learning linux and ethical hacking, heres a few suggestions for you to make the process of learning it a little easier.

step 1: if you havnt already take a I.T + fundamentals course like comptia, there are free ones on youtube. a lot of people skip this out but i can tell you its very useful to take this course and get farmiliar with all the hardware and software and technical names for computers and there parts. if your unsure or unfarmiliar of what a BIOS is, or a kernel, operating system, GPU , CPU,RAM,Archeiatecture, storage, usb,vga. POST, liscencing ect its so worth learning and brushing up n these concepts, they are not heavy learning but knowing all this terminology will give you a strong foundation to build on your knowledge

step2: take a linux course, there are so many available for free online/youtube and my linux resourrces thread, any linux course you take will give you a general overview of the system, the file system, permissions, basic file navigation, basic system adminsitration - learn to take full control of your system! , basic commands, installinig removing software packages ect. check out for a great free overview of system. Then it wont matter whch distro your on, you will understand how linux works- as the saying goes "linux is linux".

step3: learn about security, again its the terminology, learn about what a trojan is, a worm , a virus, spoofing, social engineering, also as an exercise follow a tutorial how to "harden" your own network and wifi at home, this will help you learn basic networking fundamentals. Make youself secure first before you even think of weilding a distro like Kali There are security courses online again its the language and terminology which goes a long way to helping you solidify and learn these concepts

step 4: learn deeper more advanced concepts of networking and ip/tcp model, and hardware involved, DNS service ect also networking programs like nmapand wireshark

step5: take a ethical hacking course- if you followed the previos steps, this will make this course much easier to understand and learn

I hope all this helps , i have seen and heard so many quit learning because they tried to learn ethical hacking right out of the gate and found it too difficult, this is only because pent testing or ethical hacking requires a broad knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming, system administration and fundamentals of I.T in general.

you will notice in the progression below Linux and pent testing courses are intermediate concepts and require foundational knowledge of I.T and security and networking to be successsfull at it else it will be much tougher to learn! This is the path laid out by COMPTIA - the industry standard for many entry level I.T qualififcations

good luck with your journey


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