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GNU/Linuxoid is a man that uses Linux and GNU utilities in everyday life, what eventually affects his behavior and later becomes a religion.

True-linuxoid uses only Linux. Linuxoids usually are nerds and geeks, but some of them are programmers and sysadmins.
More than a half of Linuxoids are former Windowsoids, who fed up with that shit. Sometimes there are persons that think if they will install Linux they'll look cooler and smarter (bullshit. We can see it in forums. "Heeeelp!!! How to change wallpaper in Ubuntu???" and all like that stuff).

The synonym of Linuxoid is red-eyed.

1) Major part of time True-Linuxoid spends compiling, configuring and building.
2) Free time he spends on forums. Linux forums.
3) Unlike Macf*ckers and Windowsuckers, Linuxoid solve problems independently. As usual with own scripts.
4) If there is no solution, True-Linuxoid will recompile his Gentoo one more time.
5) He tries work with console only and to make one-line command. Doesn't matter how long it would be.
6) When someone mentions Microsoft and Windows, Linuxoid can lose control.
7) He is interested in popularity of his system. Seeing 1%, he feels pain and tries to make it more popular.
8) "Windows mustdie" but "Linux is not for everyone".

This article is a free translation of

No offense to Windows or Mac or whatever users.
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