Live User Signed Into All tty's 1-6



Why is my Live user signed into tty1 - 6?

A few details explaining the only changes I've made:

I downloaded Linux Mint 12. Burned, booted, and installed to hard drive. Performed updates. Downloaded Remastersys from repos. Remastered with updates (so I don't have to download them any more). I burn and boot the remastered updated Linux Mint 12. I log in and find that my user is logged into all the ttys 1-6. I hit Ctrl + Alt + F1-6 and try to exit with exit command, but it won't let me exit any tty.

This happend also with Linux Mint Julia. With Julia I also had my admin user signed in on boot (I can't tell this is happening on 12 yet). I can never sign out live. When I reinstall to hard disk from updated remaster, this doesn't happen. I mean, my admin is not signed at gdm prompt. And, no one is sigend into the tty's except the last one, I think F7 for xsession or whatever that is. Additionally, if I remaster with multiple accounts, those accounts are not signed in. They can sign in and out without a hitch.

What's going on with my Live session? How can I stop my Live user from being signed in automatically?



I'm not sure - but I'll boot off a live cd at work tomorrow and see if I can recreate it.. live session users usually don't prompt you for user/pass tho right? It's been a while since I used a live sess.