Looking for an exhaustive comprehensive Linux and/or Linux server Administration book.


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May 9, 2019
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So, I don't care how large or expensive the book/s is/are. I simply want a good comprehensive book/s on Linux and/or Linux Server Administration, preferably one that incorporates best security practices so that I am exposed to the correct information rather than the most convenient or easiest information. I'm looking for mostly an exhaustively comprehenive reference book that I will be able to use for more than a decade on almost any project because of how exhaustively comprehensive the information is.

I'm still pretty new to Linux, but I will grow into this book. As I learn to understand Linux better through various online and maybe additional text sources, I will also learn how to better comprehend the information provided in this wonderfully exhaustively comprehensive book/s.

What book or books should I look into purchasing for this purpose?

Now, do not fear. I fully intend to research the recommendations, get excerpts from, read reviews of, and maybe find PDFs online somewhere of these texts ultimately before deciding to purchase these potentially inordinately expensive book/s.

Thank you.

I'd recommend this book:
This is the updated 2nd edition of the book that was released in 2017.

I own a copy of the first edition of the book, which is pretty outdated now. But it is a really comprehensive and extremely in-depth book about Linux administration. Covering installing and using linux. Installing, configuring and securing various services (web-servers, mail servers, ftp-servers etc etc) and it covers using different package management systems (mainly Debian and Red-hat based distros). But a lot of the information/skills you will learn are transferable and applicable to other distros too!

So if the first edition is anything to go by, the newer version will be just as good!

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