Looking for linux distros for 2 specific uses


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1. General use on my main pc,I want to move from windows 10 to linux without losing out on much of the convenience, if there is a difference between distros in terms of what programs are supported and how many issues are fixed,I want the one that has the most convenience rated by these 2

2. I want to run a portable pc on a 115gb flash drive, just plug it into the nearest toaster, open a web browser or work on a project in libre office, I want something very toaster friendly


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For general use on your main pc it would help if you could post your pc's specs.
Once we know what kind of hardware and how much RAM you have than we can make a suggestion.

For a portable pc on a Live flash drive there are a number of Linux distro's that you could run Live.
If you're new to Linux I recommend Linux Mint.


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There are several distributions that, shall we say are easier for beginners than others, but ALL will need a positive mindset to change and all will require a learning curve, Linux is not Windows, do not expect them to be the same,
What is the make/model number of you computer or its full spec if a home build] ?



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2) here's the thing if you use one of the common tools like https://www.balena.io/etcher/
or https://rufus.ie/en_US/ to write the linux iso to usb stick ,when you open a browser and say want to connect to internet via wifi ; you type in your passphrase.

Next time you boot it up , you will find you will have to again type in the passphrase because the system didn't remember it; basically there was no capacity of "persistence" . I suspect you might have a similar problem with libre office . Every time i 've ever installed it (on the OS i have chosen) spell check doesn't work. no problem I have an
dict-en.oxt file , manage from the menu and away i go. I think but not sure you might also have to repeat that.

SO you might go approach of Ventoy https://www.ventoy.net/en/index.html basically you download either the Linux useable version or Windows one. Unpack and go inside. It has scripts which are tools. One will create (inside the directory) a 1gig .dat file. This will be used to store changes. With prudent space budgeting you will be able to install some software that is not on the OS as default.

We can take you through using ventoy if you decide to give it a go. Also from the booted live; on its Desktop it has an icon "install to hard disk" ; so you can use it to go route of pemanet install to PC
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