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Hello everyone, glad to have found this forum and I hope, that someone(s) can help me find what I am looking for. I have an HP computer that I will be running a dual boot, which looking to allocate 150gb to the Linux OS. I have tried a few to begin with from Ubuntu, Pinguy, Fedora, Zorin and Mint. While I like Fedora, I'm not a computer whiz, and would rather not open a terminal to get what I want. I liked Pinguy worked okay, difficult in a dual boot as gnome takes over and it was very difficult to delete. Ubuntu it was candy, did not enjoy it and I'm trying to get away from Windows not closer to Win8. Zorin was loaded but too buggy and Mint, I'm just not really there. As I mentioned, not an expert and looking to get into Linux, in an OS that is stable, consistent, that I can work and learn from without trashing it in 2 months. Any suggestions, thoughts of what others have tried or even not in the Top of 2012 list? Thanks.

Hi..just a "few" that you can try safely...1)Vector Linux...(My Fave') 2) Fuduntu..(Cool Fedora/Ubuntu hybrid..uses less resources..runs like the wind) 3) Open Xange..The BEST of the Bunch!! Fedora based, Looks GREAT..Very Stable!! I'm SURE there's MORE..but these should get you off to a GOOD start for now. Everything "WORKS" out of the box and there's almost NO extra configuration other than the "basics"!! Good Luck & Have FUN !! :cool:(nixter57/Nick V.):cool:
Thanks nixter57, those look like some good options that I will be looking into.

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