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Apr 29, 2022
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This might be more of a VMware question than an Ubuntu question. But I suppose it might be helpful to make this post here in case I can find some added insight into my issue.

I need to know where to find the ISO file for Ubuntu to install VMware Tools.

I installed VMWARE Workstation 16 Pro to move files. First, I wanted to know how to move files from the hosting computer to the Virtual Machine My computer is a Windows 10 Enterprise and the OS of my vitrual machine is Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit.

I found that I need to install VMware tools before I can share a folder.

So I went to packages.vmware.com/tools and downloaded the ISO for Windows, thinking that the ISO type was supposed to be for the hosting computer OS, and not for the Virtual Machine. What I got, did not run on Ubuntu and I was told that it was supposed to be run only if the Virtual Machine was Windows.

There must be another ISO that is just for linux (Ubuntu)

I have been trying to find the ISO image specifically for Ubunto or Linux. and, so far, I have not found it. Maybe there is a special method to installing the VMware tools for Ubuntu that does not require an ISO image.

Here is what I have done. I went to packages.vmware.com/tools and, without describing the tree structures of all the folders and subfolders, I will sum up. Looking under the latest releases we see one folder for windows and another folder for ubuntu. This lead me to believe I was on the right path. From this point, drilling down the subfolders to find the ISO disk image for a windows virtual machine was easy. For Ubuntu, the experience was different.

There are four folders for Ubuntu. I think thay are for divverent versions (or updates) of Ubuntu they are:

lucid natty oniric precise I am using verision 22.04. I do not think any of these are for that version. So which one should I use?

But whichever one I pick, I do not find any ISO files. Instead I only find a multitude of .DEB files.

Please help

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