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I have tried to install Ubuntu unsuccessfully on a two different mini PC that had windows 10 installed.
The device a the Wintel 8 pro and the X83, both preinstalled with Windows 10.
I do the following:

Download ISO of the distro.
Burn on USB with Rufus

Method 1:
Boot up windows
Run the setup.exe files in windows
let the PC restart
choose "continue de Debian is installation ...." from the windows boot menu
-> I get black screen explaining a recent device change prevent the computer from booting

Method 2:
Enter the bios setup and force booting from the USB
The screen says "booting in secure mode"
-> I get the Grub2 grub2 shell
-> the command ls only shows the (proc) drive

Any suggestion?

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Hello @CABrouwers.
My suggestion forget the 1st Method.

Try again the 2nd one but download your .iso again and check it against checksum.
here a link how to do it, my little experience says that if you have a problem with grub files is a tricky task even for expert users. Best case to download your .iso again.

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