LowDisc space on "Filesystem root"


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Feb 1, 2023
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Hello :)
I got this message for a long time now, and i ignored it until now :rolleyes:
I tried to resize the root partition with "cfdisk" by cutting some of my other partition and giving to the root, but it didnt work..
I'v added the output of "df -h", and the "cfdisk" for both of my disks.
i think the root partition is "nvme1n1p4"
any ideas ?


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If I'm reading your partitions correctly you only have 18.6G for your root filesystem. That is way to small.
nvme 1n1p3 - You need a minimum of 20G and I would prefer 30g for the /partition on Ubuntu. I would use Gparted and change the size of your partitions. You will have to do it from the live install USB since partitions that are in use can not be changed. (That is most likely why you could not change it in cfdisk.
I know that mint's live usb has gparted included not sure about ubuntu but you can install it temporarily if need be,
One thing though make sure you have off disc back ups of your important data first.
Good luck.

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