Make Xubuntu Touch-friendly?



I have a HP Touchsmart 300 computer and I was curious, is it possible to make Xubuntu touch-capable? Does anyone know of any drivers for the HP Touchsmart 300-1025 or perhaps a way to get the touch function to get it to work outside of Windows 7? Any help is appreciated! :D

Maybe it's a languge problem, but what do you mean with Touch-friendly?
My computer is a touch screen, when it's in windows 7 anyway. When I dual-boot into Xubuntu, the touch functionality doesn't work. I'm looking into a way for making it touch-sensitive, etc.
If you can integrate Windows 7 and Ubuntu, then you probably should be able to do so. It would be pretty cool seeing Xubuntu touch-friendly and all. I say go give it a shot!
I can't do this, which is why I asked about it. I'm looking to see if it's been done before.

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