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Mar 11, 2022
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Despite my attempts to access my Samsung PSSD T7 drive on Linux (Ubuntu Budgie in particular), (I also tried using Wine to run the Samsung SSD T7 app, but still cannot be detected) I am incapable of accessing it apart from Windows.

To be honest, the software that allows me to access the Samsung PSSD drive, cannot detect it whilst on Linux, because its incompatible with Linux. It only works if its on Windows, Mac, and also Android. I have the PSSD drive inserted, but still cannot be detected with the software on Linux.

I am mildly sad that this had to happen. Since my PSSD does work ever since it has been purchased, I still cannot access it on Linux. What I am hoping if not calling for, is for someone to look for the Samsung PSSD team, and ask them to make Samsung PSSDs, compatible with all Linux distros, especially with the likes of Ubuntu.

Or alternatively, create a command line program to access PSSDs and the files stored within them.

Would any of that be possible?


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