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I'm fairly new to Linux and having a problem with a down load, tried just about everything and the download
does not operate properly. on the initial download it shows complete but the folder icon is a grey folder with an
(i) on it ?
IF any suggestions would be great. Trying to load a crypto wallet, "IOTA Firefly" if anyone has done this, or can try this and know which application to use. Thx.


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iota firefly wallet is a package that is available in the AUR (ArchLinux Users Repositories) here.

To install it from Manjaro, you can do the following (there are other AUR package managers, but this is my personal driver and works fine). Start by opening the terminal (skip the #comments).
# Install yay and fakeroot
# Answer "y" when prompted

sudo pacman -Syu yay fakeroot

# Install iota-firefly-wallet using yay
# You'll have some level of completion using tab (see the screencast below)

yay -Syu iota-firefly-wallet
I always say "no" to the subsequent questions about cleanBuild and etc., but you can explore the options and, for example, check the the Diffs for your information.

The output of yay is the following:

  • yay usually prompts for your password automatically when needed, for you to not have to run it with sudo. In this example, it may have skipped that prompt because we've just ran sudo pacman -Syu, and the terminal might have been still elevated.
  • To maintain the software installed with yay up to date, run yay -Syu
  • To remove the software installed with yay (for example, iota-firefly-wallet), run either yay -Rs iota-firefly-wallet or sudo pacman -Rs iota-firefly-wallet
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