MIc issue; Noise; No Headset Input


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Oct 25, 2020
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Hey guys! I'm facing this problem from quite a lot of time, this is not a pop os specific issue but if anyone could help me, it would mean a lot!
So the issue is.. My internal microphone causes disturbance. For ex i was on a zoom meet so the other person told me that your voice is not clear or audible and there is some sort of noise in the background. SO i used pauvcontrol (pulse audio) to check it, the thing is even when i'm not speaking there is some sort of noise which is the visible in the audio level and this noise increases to such an extent if i increase my mic volume that you can't even talk to me.
Other issue is when i switch from internal microphone to headset mic (which should be working), it doesn't even takes any input. There is no noice and not even my voice. It acts like it is not connected.
I'm also adding the link to the Screen recording of pauv control so you could check the audio level when i'm speaking and when i'm not.
Guys please help me out. I had this same problem on Ubuntu as well. But i was using windows before and there were no such problems, everything was crystal clear!
I hope someone might be able to help me!
Thanks in Advance!

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