Mint 18.3 Cinnamon Dual Boot Issues with Win7

That's fine with all of the above :)

Now with the Timeshift, which is currently showing location (correct, with T5), can you show me a shot of

  • Schedule and
  • Users
Then we'll know what's what and who's who :p


Here's what you asked foe Chris. I'm looking forward to your explanation.


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Thanks Dick.

Users is good. With Schedule, uncheck all boxes except Daily. The current situation is way overkill, amounts to about 65 snapshots per month :).

Done...including the 'Boot' box.


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Good-o :)

Now you said on Saturday (Friday your time)

When I have the HDD replaced in a week or so, Iwant the tech to be able to restore everything to that new 1TB internal SSD.

Have you booked in the techie yet? Or else let us know when you do, and for when.

I would be pleasantly surprised to learn that the techie knows anything about Linux, unless you know to the contrary. :D

Make sure you know where your LM 18.3 Live USB stick (install stick) is, because it is its built-in Timeshift that you will use to restore your system to the new SSD.

... and it is its builtin GParted that we will use to partition the SSD prior to restoration of the OS.

The scary part Wiz...this is Honduras, not the U.S. It's a good shop but no one speaks English and my Spanish sucks. I'll just have them install the SSD and return to me the HDD. Then I'll work with you on partitioning and then restoring 18.3, if that's o.k. I've got the stick right in front of me as I'm doing this reply.

I do think the shop is mainly Windows oriented but the one guy seemed to understand a little of Linux. I'll ask again but I think all I want from him is the swap out of the HDD for the SSD.


1. See if you can see this picture (it has no relevance) - if you can, click (in the picture) to see it enlarge, click again to restore.

2. Also, does this screenshot look a bit familiar? I have dummied up a situation like yours on the T5, there will be differences I can't change, eg /dev/sdxy*, space remaining &c. And your "padlocks" are represented by my punch-dial handsets.



* "/dev/sdxy" is a way of representing eg /dev/sda1, /dev/sdb2 etcetera. Yours are /dev/sdc , mine are /dev/sda.

3. Did we establish that you can print my guide from below, but that the graphics were not clear enough? Did you work out that you can simply click it (from your Linux Mint) and choose open Document Viewer instead of choosing Save?

4. Did we establish that you can clearly watch my video below, that I posted at Forum Assistance?

If you can answer point by point each of the above, we are just about ready to go.




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Phenomenal exhibition!
1. Yes, I can see the picture (enlarge & restore);
2. The screenshot is clear but I don't understand 'padlocks' or 'punch-dial handsets';
3. I can print but graphics were poor (could need to refill my ink cartridges...I've cleaned the heads several times but the problem it may be on my end. Wiz;
4. Yes on the video! Works very well. The sound is a bit fuzzy (my hearing isn't the best!) but it could be the internal speaker on this Toshiba notebook too.

I'm rattling a bit here but maybe I need to give some thought as to how to connect this notebook which was meant to go with me when I travel back to the U,S. to my speakers for my desktop (Win7). I don't want to screw-up the Win7 setup but a new consideration for me. The sound (volume) on this notebook has always been very poor.

Great job, Chris!
1. - excellent, I will link to relevant Imgur pictures when we need to.
2. We will cover in the project to follow.
3. That's OK, I'll keep graphics to a minimum in the documents, rather linking to Imgur through the Doc.
4. Great, I'll have a video done within 48 hours.

Speakers can be covered by someone helping you in a new Thread in Hardware ... not my forte :)

Cheers and thanks for the info.

Wiz's decision time for me about taking in the Toshiba to replace the HDD with the new SSD. We are ready to make that trip to the big city this Thursday, the 7th. Do I have enough of everything stored on the T5 to have that HDD taken out? And if so can you help when I return to do everything step-by-step until we're where I need to be?

Or is there simply too much yet to be absorbed by me by following your tutorial? It's not a big deal to me to wait until next month to again go to the big city to have the SSD installed. We go once a month.
You are in the best position to answer this for yourself, Dick :)

See my screenshot below and then I will elaborate.



Using our File Manager, Nemo, in Cinnamon, we can see the state of our Timeshift snapshots taken. On the left, with my partition, I have it named Timeshift, and we can do that with yours next few days.

The path for the partition is /media/chris/Timeshift , and it shows me it is on /dev/sdc4. Both it and the main pane tell me that I have 55.0 GB left in that partition, and the main pane tells me that there are 34 snapshots (1 folder per snapshot).

Your left-hand pane should tell you something like Timeshift being described as :

300GB Volume, and the cursor "Smart Tip" will show

/media/dick/abf2d.... (long string, truncated)

... and 200GB or so unused.

Looking at my screenshot above, again.

In the main pane, the first folder is described as


and the last of its kind as


So the first of my snaps was conducted 25 October last, at 8:51 AM, and the last on 1 February at 2:35 PM.

Now that is all very well, but it's no good to us if those folders don't contain what we need to restore. True?

Your GParted screenshot of the T5 showed us that 73.62 GB was used at that time, in snapshots, out of a size of 292.97 GB.

Open a fresh instance of Terminal and type in and enter the following (my comment has a # in front of it, it is not a command)

But also read below the code, first and I will give you a tip

cd /media/dick/abf2d1ba-b87d-4a34-a743-7f180af09e5e

#followed by

du -ah

TIP - with the 1st command, all you need to do is to start typing in cd /media/dick/abf ... or so, then press TAB - the rest will complete for you. This is called Tab (auto)Complete. Useful for long filepaths.

With the 2nd command, as soon as you press enter, be prepared for a lot of activity. Output will spool off for a long period of time, go and make a cuppa tea or coffee :)

My last few lines look like this:

4.0K ./timeshift/snapshots/2019-01-02_10-12-01/info.json
31M ./timeshift/snapshots/2019-01-02_10-12-01/rsync-log-changes
13G ./timeshift/snapshots/2019-01-02_10-12-01
312G ./timeshift/snapshots
312G ./timeshift
312G .
chris@SylviaCinnamon-WD /media/chris/Timeshift $

My highlighting

So, if your figure at left bottom is many GB, then Timeshift is doing its voodoo fine, it's all on the T5, and you can unplug the Toshiba and take it to the big smoke.

Let us know how you go.

When you come back from the city, we can get the new SSD set up, use Timeshift to restore LM 18.3, and then reorganise the T5.


Looks like I've managed to setup extra folders. I've got one called /Pictures" where all my shots have been collecting. Under My Computer is a File Systems under which is Pictures. Do I want File Systems or Pictures to follow your instructions?


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Neither ... Under Devices in left-hand pane is reference to a 250 GB Volume, try that

I see it...the 315GB is the T5. GParted indicates it is storing data.

I'm having trouble Chris. I can't locate the 'Tab' on this Toshiba C655-s5090. I somehow (can't tell you how) managed to start the lengthy /media/dick process. It was up to 70 GB and processing when I did something really stupid and stopped the process with about 50 GB still to go. I thought "no problem"...I'll just follow your instructions dealing with the lengthy T5 numerical name but then I couldn't locate the Tab.

I'm running out of time if I'm to verify everything and take this notebook to the big city tomorrow. Got to get to bed and get some sleep pretty quick. I might just take it in with the new SSD anyway since it seems to be backing up. Then we can deal with it when I bring it back. I've always got this Win7 to communicate with you.
Chris...I'm stunned. Searched everywhere for the new SSD and its' internal bracket. It's been on top of my desk credenza for several months but it's gone. Now on top of all these other issues, the very reason to replace the HDD with the SSD is now mute.

Can't afford another one. So maybe I just need to make-do with the HDD for the time being and just set everything up as we're now doing. I've got lots of disk space.
Good night.
look in the 'safe spot'....(maybe already in the car?...or whatever 'bag' you always take with you ? )
Maybe Ann already had it packed?

Tab on a US keyboard (referred to as QWERTY) is usually just left of the Q.

Keep us posted when you can.

Thanks Chris...

We'll just squeeze the budget and use the card and get another one. Problem is the time to get a T5 shipped and run thru customs...about a six week ordeal.

Can't thank you enough about the Tab. On Toshiba it is a key with a left/rirhgt arrows.
Hi Dick I note you are online - I was just about to head off and run up a video on GParted about reorganising the T5, and follow it up with a written guide.

If you have any questions, sing out and I'll wait a few minutes

Thanks much, Chris. We're back at our house. I'm still stunned by the loss of the SSD. Ann & I talked and are in agreement to buy another. We need the speed of the SSD over the existing HDD for her to complete certain banking transactions. the meantime, I'll just continue to sit at your feet and absorb as much as my tired old brain can absorb...and you're willing to endure.

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