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Feb 27, 2018
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Good day Everyone!!!

Can I use my mouse in an Arch tty?


G'day Mate ;) that's an interesting question.

A quick search at Google under "linux use mouse arch tty" reveals

I have not tried it. I am guessing to install the package you would use something like

sudo pacman -S gpm

See how you go and I'll stop by later :rolleyes:

Good morning Chris.

I saw that page and downloaded already the gpm package but I fetched a wall during configuration.

There is not any /etc/conf.d file
First up, are you sure you are not confusing "file" and "folder"? /etc/conf.d is a folder, ie /etc/conf.d/*.*

Are you trying this from your Arch install under VM, or one of your Arch-based Distros?

I have swung into Swagarch, where I am building (slowly, snails run at Ferrari-like speeds compared to Wiz) an Arch under VM.

Heres a pic


BUT (you know there is always a but with the Wizard :D)

... when I installed gpm, nothing went to /etc/conf.d , but rather some stuff was diistributed to /var/lib/pacman, and the executable gpm file found its way to I think /usr/bin .

Doesn't matter either way, as it is in our path, so from the console within the VM, I was able to type the first command under Arch's instructions

# gpm -m /dev/input/mice -t help

and got the following


... so it appears to be working at least in the initial stages.

I have to go but I will check out some more of what Arch have to say and see what I come up with, next day or two.


You are correct Chris @wizardfromoz

We have the same results. Everything is same.

I’m running Arch in VM.

Probably conf.d is a dir and not a file.

I’m far from my laptop now, do your magic and I will check once I’m back.

Thank you for your effort and time.
In Arch wiki you can find this:

The gpm package needs to be started with a few parameters. These parameters can be added in the file /etc/conf.d/gpm, or used when running gpm directly. As of 2016, the gpm.service file for systemd includes the parameters for a USB mice. Obviously, it should be edited if there is another mice type, and the file is used.

  1. No any /conf.d/gpm under /etc can be found.
  2. What " or used when running gpm directly" does mean?
So guys here the updates:

I just type the following commands:

sudo pacman -S gpm

and then

GPM_ARGS="-m /dev/psaux -t ps2"


GPM_ARGS="-m /dev/input/mice -t imps2"


GPM_ARGS="-m /dev/input/mice -t ps2"

and finaly

sudo systemctl enable gpm.service

following by

sudo systemctl start gpm.service

mouse is enable in tty for some moments. After some seconds suddenly stop working without a obvious reason.
IDK why. Settings in VM are sett correctly in Bidirectional mode.

Screenshot at 2018-06-25 15-26-36.png

I can't find any configuration file as per tutorials.
any ideas?
Don't think me insulting, friend, but I have to cover all bases, troubleshooting ;)

Are you actually using a PS2 mouse?


What " or used when running gpm directly" does mean?

It means such as when, above, I type in at a console (eg Terminal)

gpm -m /dev/input/mice -t help

The options/switches such as -m -t &c are of a type that could be included in tweaking a configuration (conf) file, which as you & I know, is not where Arch say it should be :confused::rolleyes: ... at least, not in a virtual environment.

I have the following Arch-based Distros in my stable, currently on my HDD:

  1. Manjaro
  2. Swagarch (which is where my Arch VM install is)
  3. Bluestar
  4. Antergos
  5. Netrunner Rolling and
  6. Anarchy
... so I'll run a few tests next few days on a few of them and see if anything comes to light.


Yeap Chris, I’m sorry I forgot to say that I’m try to activate my laptop’s touchpad and not an external mouse.

I tryied all three alternatives, with same results.

I can’t understand why mouse is working only a few seconds after rebooting and then stop ( freezing ), regardless the above commands!!!
We'll get it sorted, Mate ;). Just as likely, you'll get it sorted ... you have gone from strength to strength since embracing Linux, and if anyone is better qualified in problem solving and troubleshooting than a ship's captain ... then I'll eat my hat (& that's a pointy wizard's hat) :)

What Arch-based Distro are you hoping to use it on Capta?

I'm using Arch without DE Chris.
Only tty. Under Virtual Box.
Gotcha, Ta for the input :)

I have already "fleshed out" my VB Arch, which lives under SwagArch, with a DE and a couple of apps. But I'll try to swing into a tty session over the weekend and see what's what and who's who.



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