Mud dauber nest on motherboard?

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Mud dauber nest on motherboard.
For those who may not be familiar with Mud daubers.
They are wasps that constructs its nest of mud and can be Vary Hard.
Normally all you have to do is throw some water on them to clean them up but i dont think that will be grate for the MB LOL.
i was thinking of using napfa, acetone or MEK but im afraid they will harm the motherboard.
Anyone have suggestions on how to proceed?


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is MEK methyl ethyl ketone ? along with acetone they are going to be corrosive i think.

Maybe isopropyl alcohol to soften the hard mud , you will have to use an archeologist tool to scrap away what you can .

Is that in a tower ? I had pharaph ants trail in and out a tower while I was sub sahara due to a flying termint dying inside the tower and not noticing it.

Then i wonder if something like methyl crystals or para di chlor benzene (basically wha tthey put in urinals) might deter further insurgency

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OK @Hillbilly H
Here's what ya do.

Turn off the computer and disconnect everything monitor / mouse / keyboard / power cord and then press the power button and hold to the count of 30 or so.

Tun the computer on the side where nothing can run onto the motherboard and than lay a cloth on the bottom of the case.

Take another cloth and some Isoproyl alcohol and saturate the cloth to where its dripping and then place the cloth around the mud dauber nest and let it soak the nest.

You may have to do this more than once and see if you can easily remove the nest and if so clean the motherboard where the nest was with some alcohol and let dry for a few hours.

It's somewhat of a PITA but it works without damage to the motherboard.

Don't scrap the motherboard with anything as there can be copper traces on the top of the motherboard.
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Is that in a tower ?
its on the motherboard. its a parts pc the was stored out in the barn.
the photo was to show a nest but not the one on the mb. :)

is MEK methyl ethyl ketone ?

is this common then in usa ?
LOL in my part it is. i have people give me lawn mowers,power tools,air compressors... to scrap out telling me "the the motor/engine is locked up and junk" ill tare into them and 8 out of 10 it will be full of dauber nests.

Thank you Nelson Muntz and KGIII


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Normally all you have to do is throw some water on them to clean them up but i dont think that will be grate for the MB LOL.
I was very skeptic and I haven't tried this yet, but water seems to be OK, provided that:
  1. you remove all the charge on the motherboard by taking the CMOS battery out and leaving it connected to ground for a while after powering off.
  2. you dry it quickly. This can be done by submersion in isopropyl alcohol to displace the water from the motherboard, and then leave it to air dry overnight.
I can tell you that isopropyl alcohol is the way to dry electronics, saved a few of my wife's earbuds that ended up in the washing machine. However, be careful if your motherboard has glued components (brackets or anything else), as the isopropyl alcohol eats away the glue in seconds.

You can see plenty of youtube channels rinsing motherboards under the tap after soldering or recapping old computers (apple ][, commodore 64...). If you browse The 8-Bit Guy you can even see using the dishwasher with one of them.

As said, drying it properly and very quickly to avoid corrosion makes the difference.

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i got most of it off. Used grain alcohol to soften and a air compressor to blow the mud out and dry the board.
Thank you all!
P.S. it all came off... :)
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Thank you gvisoc good info!
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