Multi-User login to one machine?


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Mar 3, 2020
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How are others handling multi-user logins to the same machine? How do you give multi-people high level access (similar to root) without actually giving them root user/password? Or how can you manage multi-users so they all essentially login as the same user but use private key authentication? or MFA?

Which version of Linux are you using, mate? Is it mint cinnamon, Mint mate, etc?
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answer 1.
sudo is how you people higher privileges without root password.

answer 2.
You can use ssh-keygen to create ssh key pairs. This makes a private key and a public key.
You always keep the private key... ummm... private on your local computer.

normally every user has a .ssh directory in their home directory.
you can create a file called authorized_keys (it may already exist)

You can paste the public keys into this file.

This way, many people can login as the same user, but they will have different public keys
to identify who is actually logged in.