Multiple Hard Drives and how to put applications on the drive where you want them


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First of all, hi Rob. Thanks for the welcome. I'm new to all this so a question would be; If I 'm using manjaro, every time I download anything it asks if it should archived or saved. I have four drives on my box and would like to have one for apps and utilities, and one for my os. the other two for data and scratch. I am into A/V only. I figure I have to move files around but can't figure out how to do that. Can you help please?
I think this is too many questions and too vague.
1. why does manjaro only give two options for a download? It's either archived or save. No options as to where it can be saved. it goes to the downloads folder; so how do I move it to the drive I prefer. Don't want to use up my /home/main drive. Does that make any more sense? Read lots on moving folders but I just don't get it. Sorry, wish I had done this years ago.
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I have four drives on my box and would like to have one for apps and utilities, and one for my os. the other two for data and scratch
G'day and Welcome
I am in the same boat as you in that I have the capacity of 2 HDD at the moment and I was wondering how to go about using one of the HDD for my distros and the other for data only. But I am going to throw in an SSD or two for the distros as they talk faster to the CPU than discs do later on.
But having said that mayhap I can summon the ;) @wizardfromoz and @Rob to help the both of us.


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Goodness gracious me, I must have been napping when this Thread was new, and somehow missed the ping from Davy @Nik-Ken-Bah , sorry mate.

If either of you still has these issues, sing out and I will try to help.

Davy I am pretty sure I can help you, will need to know more about @Bobcapp 's environment.




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sorry mate.
That is Ok.
I have patience and mine is not critical plus it dinna help with this plurry bug running around plus the missus on chemo at the moment, cancer and she comes first.
Due to the bug I virtually don't go out to lower the possibility of picking it up as the missus gets tested every two weeks for the bug. But since the weather is finally starting to get more positive so I will have to get back into the habit of walking everywhere to cogitate just like Mr Darwin did and look what he produced.


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This seems to be a browser setting more than anything else. In Firefox you set it here.
For me I download straight to the download directory then transfer to their respective directories as some have to placed in other folders within the directory. Firefox has to ask me what to do but with Brave which I do most downloads through straight to the download directory.
But a with the other puzzle I am thinking about it and the puzzle pieces are sliding in to place.
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